Dew Drops Project

With over 20 years of working with orphans in China, we are not only highly experienced in caring for the weakest and most fragile abandoned children, but also as uniquely qualified to provide the assistance needed to high risk families to prevent abandonment.

As you are probably aware, the number one reason why children are abandoned here is due to the difficulties of caring for a child born with complex medical conditions. Often, families lack not only the financial means to provide treatment for their child, but also the medical knowledge to understand treatment options and make good decisions for their child’s medical care.  In addition, families face many other social, cultural and logistical challenges in trying to provide for a child born with complex medical needs.  Unfortunately,  parents are often forced to make difficult decisions. This is where our new project, Dew Drops can help!

Dew Drops will provide both a long term, enriching home environment for abandoned children, and also  a temporary home for families in need of support and specialized care, while they navigate the health care system. These families will benefit from financial, emotional and medical support in caring for their child during treatment, as well as ongoing support after they return home.  Our primary focus is on children born with complex heart defects.

Our Orphan Care Unit will provide specialized medical care as well as foster healthy emotional development for abandoned children:

  • Children ages 6 month to 5 years old born with complex congenital heart defects
  • Capacity of 30 beds
  • Every child will stay with us until (s)he is adopted
  • Employ full time ‘moms’ who are trained in trauma-informed care practices and who will provide continuous, 24 hour care. This helps abandoned children learn to form attachments and heal from the past trauma they have experienced.
  • In our Family Care Unit, in addition to specialized care, we also focus on educating families and advocating with them as they seek the best medical treatment for their child:

  • Children from disadvantaged families (targeting rural areas) born with complex heart defects
  •  Capacity of up to 5 children/families at a time
  •  Children will be accompanied by at least one parent/family member during their stay
  • Do you want to make a difference in a child’s life?

    Monthly child/family sponsorships will be available for all the little ones helped by Dew Drops.  More information coming soon!

    Financial contributions can be made here:

    If you are interested in donating supplies or would like more information on our new project please contact us:

    As always, we thank you for your prayers and support!




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