Our Work

Our Projects Include:

Hospice care for orphans
Group educational foster care
Special Care for infants
Long-term care for severely disabled children
Special causes

Hospice: In our hospice program we provide comfort, love, and care to orphaned children who are dying. Although it is difficult to watch little ones suffer and die, we consider it a privilege to be able to care for these children and to fill their short lives with love and happiness.

Group Educational Foster Homes: These homes allow physically disabled school age orphans to live in a supportive family environment while attending school and acquiring life skills that will allow them to one day live independently.  We accept children with a wide range of physical disabilities including spina bifida, cerebral palsy, limb deformities, speech difficulties, deafness and visual impairment.

Special Care for Infants: Our infant homes provide intensive care to babies who are abandoned with complex medical needs. We focus on caring for babies born prematurely, those with club feet, and babies with birth defects or illness requiring skilled nursing care. These babies stay with us until they are strong enough to join families of their own.

Long Term Care: In this program we care for older disabled orphans with severe mental and physical impairment. These are children who have no hope of ever being adopted or living independently as adults.  This work is not for the faint-hearted and the rewards are subtle--but in some ways that is what makes this work the most profoundly human.  These kids teach us so much about love!  

Special Causes: We are often approached for help in special situations.  These are orphans, children at high risk for abandonment or impoverished families with a particular financial need.  Special causes include requests for life saving surgery, school tuitions, and foster care for children with pending adoptions etc.  These kinds of needs--and many others--cross our path often.   

Adoptions: Learn more about adoptions here.


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